What is ARSTAGE?

ARSTAGE is an application that allows you to create a story by combining the figure itself and item commands, and enjoy the completed story and collected virtual figures in AR.

Enjoy the story with virtual figures

You can create your own story or enjoy stories created by other users at any time.

Easy to operate with abundant commands

Let's produce as you want with a combination of more than 50 types of preset commands and original commands!

Enjoy in gallery mode

You can freely arrange virtual figures in AR and perform poses, shooting, etc.

Your own collection is now available in the room!

You can arrange the virtual figures that you have collected and dressed up on a special shelf and enjoy them in AR. Currently, dressing up is not supported.

Compatible with figures and items obtained from ARShop!

Figures and items purchased from ARShop can be easily linked with ARSTAGE.
※Currently we only handle figures

Corresponding figures appear one after another!

Click here for currently supported series

Play with ARSTAGE

If you install ARSTAGE, you can try it for free using the original character.
※Currently preparing to publish the app。