『ARShop is an EC shop that sells CG models and assets such as virtual figures.

Purchase your favorite figure body and items and play with the compatible app !!

Purchased products can be easily linked with compatible apps

List of compatible apps

※Currently preparing to publish the app。

Click here for how to link with ARSTAGE

About cooperation method

[STEP 1} Register an account with ARShop and purchase products

Please register for an account at ARShop。
If you already have an account, please enter your email address and password to log in.。

Please check the ARShop compatible app, add the item to your cart, and then complete the purchase procedure.

[STEP 2] Register an account on the compatible app and log in.

Please install the corresponding application of the product purchased at ARShop on your terminal。

Click here for ARShop compatible apps

Please register an account with the ARShop compatible app and log in.

[STEP 3] You can use the purchased products in the app by linking with ARShop with a compatible app.

Please link with your AR Shop account in the app。

*Please check the explanation of each compatible app for the procedure for linking with ARShop in each compatible app.。

Once the link is complete, you can use the products purchased at ARShop in the app.